Ambiente STOLEN!

This painting was stolen from the Silo Building at the Ryland Inn in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey. It was taken sometime between August 30, 2011 and the morning of September 3, 2011. If you know where it is, please contact


Original Oil on Canvas 62" x 42"
 Tomasz Rut 2002
Includes Frame and Certificate of Authenticity
This is considered to be one of Tomasz Rut's 5 finest works.
It deserves to be located in a museum, or your very special
location, where its beauty, sensuality and luminosity can be
fully viewed and appreciated.  Since its original purchase it
has remained sealed in a smoke and light free environment.
In 2002 this painting was accidentally sent to an auction, and I purchased it.
Verifiable provenance extends from
Tomasz Rut to his agent, MAC Fine Art.
Interview with Tomasz Rut
April 27, 2007, at 3:15 P.M.

Q: When you named this Ambiente, were you using Spanish or Portuguese?
Tomasz: I sort of make up names. It is almost as though I have my own language.
Q: Ambiente in Portuguese is environment, and in Spanish it is atmosphere.
Tomasz: (Excitedly) Yes!  Yes!  That is the whole idea!  I let the person who owns it determine what it means to them.
Q: Is there anything you can tell me about Ambiente?
Tomasz: I really like that piece (Ambiente). It's a very strong composition. And it is very romantic!
Q: How do you rank Ambiente relative to all of your works?
Tomasz: Very high up. I like its composition. It is a very good painting.
Interview is continued below.

Actual Photograph of Ambiente
Actual low light photograph
showing its luminosity. This was taken at the time of purchase.

Ambiente Original Tomasz Rut Oil 62" x 42"
From the artist's web site.

Ambiente is this unique Original. ~ Ambiante are prints of it.

smaller sized limited edition print of this original painting is listed
by Tomasz Rut with the spelling of Ambiante. The Certificate of
Authenticity lists this original as Ambiente. This is explained below.
Picture of this Ambiente original painting on
Tomasz Rut's web site:
Ambiante Limited Edition Print on
Tomasz Rut's web site:

Q: I noticed that limited edition prints are named Ambiante with an a, and this is named Ambiente with an e.
Tomasz: This was caused by a mixup by the publishers.
Q: I noticed on your web site that you also have the limited editions named Ambiante with an a, while this original is spelled with an e.
Tomasz: There you see!  Then it is definitely a good thing.
Note: In his new book Tomasz Rut Volume II, its publisher has correctly spelled the name of this original as Ambiente with an e. 
This auction will include a copy of  his Tomasz Rut Volume II, with his  personalized and signed dedication to your having purchased Ambiente.
TOMASZ RUT VOLUME II This auction includes a signed copy of
Tomaz Rut will sign and dedicate
it to your purchase of
 Since its purchase Ambiente has never been exposed to light or cigarette smoke. It
has remained sealed in its shipping crate. The room I intended on displaying it
in is lined with windows. Before I can have it or any other paintings in the room,
I will have to do something to decrease the intensity of the sunlight in  the room.
Now, for reasons beyond my control I am being forced to sell Ambiente.
 It includes its original elegant frame and Certificate of Authenticity.
R. J. OLDS, INC. is and has been the only owner of Ambiente.

Robb Report ~ Lists Tomasz Rut as one of 5
most collectable American artists.

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Tomasz Rut (1961 - ) Autobiography

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Crate is approximately 79" (200 cm) x 58" (147 cm) x 8" (20 cm).
There is no charge for this professionally made wood crate.
I am guessing that the crate weighs at least 250 pounds.
Given recent record auction sales of contemporary art combined
with Tomasz Rut being considered one of the 5 most collectable
contemporary American artists, and Ambiente being considered
one of Tomasz Rut's top 4 or 5 finest works by one of
Tomasz Rut's main representatives. Ambiente should be
 seriously considered by serious collectors and Museums.

My opinion that Tomasz Rut's works of art are highly undervalued is shared by many knowledgeable people in the art world. This includes Carol Damian, Ph.D. She wrote an essay in his book Tomasz Rut Volume 1.  She told me that she thinks Tomasz Rut's works are tremendously undervalued. In her opinion, a large important piece like Ambiente, by an artist as famous as Tomasz Rut is, should be selling for $80,000 to $90,000.  (This is printed here with her permission.)
Dr. Carol Damian is a Professor of the Department of Art and Art History at Florida International University. She is a specialist in Latin American and Caribbean Art, and teaches classes in Pre-Columbian, Colonial, Spanish and Contemporary Latin American Art. Her most recent work has been with Latin American Women and the Cuban exile artists, for whom she has written numerous catalogs and articles. She is the author of THE VIRGIN OF THE ANDES: ART AND RITUAL IN COLONIAL CUZCO (Grassfield Press, 1995) and is the Miami orrespondent for ART NEXUS and ARTE AL DIA. She lectures frequently on Latin American and Caribbean Art and has been the curator of numerous exhibitions.
To learn more about Dr. Carol Damian and/or Florida International University click on these links.
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Tomasz Rut Bio
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