Mark Schreiber
The Story of the Boot Warmers Painting

Boot Warmers by Mark Schreiber
Boot Warmers Limited Edition Print Signed and Numbered by Mark Schreiber $275.00 (print)

Can you find the artist and his two boys? This painting is behind the Clinton Red Mill looking out across the Raritan River South Branch toward the Hunterdon Museum of Art Stone Mill and downtown Clinton, New Jersey. He took his two boys, then wife and her parents to this area, and had them pose for him. He added his sled and boots to the composition. Painting squirrels getting into to boots resulted in its title. Mark has painted himself skating to the right of the tree. Although the river does freeze in this area it rarely does so as close to the dam as is depicted in this painting. Do not try skating there.

A framed print was used in the filming of the girlfriend's apartment
in Turbulance (the gift shop in the Clinton Red Mill). Despite balls of tape being placed behind it to angle it in a way to cut the glare of its glass, the original scenes including it were left on the cutting room floor. An identical framed copy of the print was given to the producer. It appears to have been reframed in a gold frame and included in the subsequent filming of the apartment at a different location.
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